Identifying Growth Markets In UK Security Exports

UK Security ExportsThe British security industry has an excellent reputation around the world, and we are justly renowned for our innovation and expertise in this sector.

Despite this, you may be surprised to hear that UK security exports only make up for about 4% of the total worldwide security exports market. So how can we increase exports and boost British security businesses?

Well there are strong signs of growth in some areas where you might be least expecting it. For example, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) is reporting increased interest and demand from Russian buyers.

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Bringing Biometric Palm Vein Scanners Into The Mainstream

Palm vein scanners in actionBiometric security recognition was once the stuff of the movies, but is now becoming much more widespread. Biometric passports are now a standard option for new UK passports, and physical devices like fingerprint readers and retina scanners – while not a day-to-day sight – are becoming increasingly used in high-security settings.

One of the reasons biometric recognition isn’t yet more widely adopted, though, is because the technology is still developing. Security boffins are still working out how to best get a reliable scan that can be then quickly processed into an output that can, for example, open access points quickly and efficiently. And that’s where the increased interest in palm vein scanners comes in.

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US Leads The Way In Female Cyber Security Recruitment

The US is leading the charge in female cyber security recruitment.By now anyone with an interest in the security industry will know there’s a skills gap in cyber security.  Here at JobSecurity we’ve certainly blogged about it several times. And we have also examined how one way we can help plug this shortfall is by addressing the issue of female cyber security recruitment  as well as wider female IT recruitment too.

Currently only about one in five IT professionals are women. Figures from the US also suggest that about 40% of cyber security roles are going unfilled. These are highly paid jobs with excellent career prospects working on some of the most interesting projects in IT.

As big businesses wake up to the cyber security threat and the global IT giants invest heavily in the sector, there’s a great opportunity for more women to get  involved in the industry.

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How To Tackle The Airport Security Balancing Act

Airport securityThe recent disappearance of Malaysian Airways flight M370 has put the highlight on airport security once more. It’s not clear whether the disaster was a technical fault or something more sinister, but it’s certainly got airport security analysts working hard to see what might have happened and if any of the crew or passengers may have been responsible.

As well as looking at the individual case of flight M370, the incident is sure to set the security industry into analysing whether there are ways to further tighten up airport security.

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Cyber Security Challenge 2014 – Responding To The Cyber Threat

Cyber Security Challenge 2014Some of the UK’s top computing brains have been holed up in a secret bunker in central London. They’ve been working tirelessly and against the clock to respond to a major cyber attack and the very security of the country is at stake.

But while this sounds entirely plausible, if a little alarming, there’s no need to panic just yet – it’s just part of the Cyber Security Challenge 2014. As we’ve been saying for some time, the cyber skills shortage means that efforts to get more skilled people into the IT security field are intensifying.

Private companies are doing their bit, while in the public sector, the highly successful Cyber Security Challenge was launched last year to search for the next generation of cyber experts.

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Automatic Fire Alarms: Firefighters Get Tough On False Alarms

A fire engine responding to a call, but could it be a faulty automatic fire alarm? We’ve already talked on the blog about the problem of false fire alarms. The Fire Industry Association says fire crews in the UK attend thousands of false fire alarms each year which costs the country millions of pounds annually.

Some fire authorities have even started to charge homes or businesses if they are called out to a false alarm. Now the rescue services are going one step further, and its been decided that fire crews won’t go out to automatic fire alarms (AFA) any more.

New automatic fire alarm call-out rules

There will be two systems, depending on whether the alarm is made during working hours or not. Between 9am and 5pm, a fire crew will only respond if a 999 call is made.

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Tech Giants Start Backing Cyber Security Start-Ups

A green shoot growing out of a pile of coins, illustrating how big business is fueling cyber security starupsThere’s hardly a day goes by without a new cyber security innovation or announcement. The industry is moving so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the latest developments.

Here at JobSecurity, we especially like to keep you informed of those developments likely to have an impact on the cyber security jobs market.

And there is one trend that’s developing that could have significant relevance for information technology and cyber security professionals.

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Security Engineer Apprentice Awards Open For Nominations

Two security engineer apprentices working on an electrical applianceThe electronic security industry is thriving, and with the upturn in the economy looks set to remain healthy for the foreseeable future.

This means there’s plenty of job openings in the sector and the security industry is always on the lookout for new talent. New security technology advances are also boosting the demand for skilled security installation engineers.

One of the best ways for young people to break into the electronic security industry is by joining an security engineer apprentice scheme, and the industry is recognising the contribution of its dedicated apprentices with the 2014 apprentice installer awards.

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Does Cyber Streetwise Go Far Enough? | JobSecurity

A cartoon of cyber street, part of an ad campaign for cyber streetwise.As the internet affects more aspects of our lives, the danger of cyber security breaches is spreading. But not everyone is taking this seriously or is even fully aware of the risks. That’s why a new ‘cyber streetwise’ campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the cyber security threat.

Putting it into context, only a decade ago online shopping was still in its infancy and online bank accounts were viewed with suspicion by many. The threat of online fraud was just too great for many people to accept.

How times change. Paperless, online billing is now the default option for things like major utility suppliers and online banking has become almost universal. You can even check your bank balance and make transactions on your smart phone.

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CCTV Developments – What It Means For The Security Industry

A police worn CCTV camera is just one of a range of new CCTV developmentsSome sections of the media have branded Britain a ‘CCTV nation’ for the large numbers of CCTV cameras they say are watching almost our every move. There’s reckoned to be about 6 million CCTV cameras installed across the country.

It’s true that CCTV has become a fact of like in the UK, and while some people are still concerned about it’s potential threat to civil liberties, CCTV is here to stay. In fact, CCTV developments have made the technology even more effective at deterring crime and helping to prosecute those that commit it. We’ve previously talked on this blog about how its applications are expanding beyond its more familiar uses.

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