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JobSecurity is the one-stop shop for security jobs. You’ll find openings in all security industry sectors. If you’re looking for work in retail security, want to work with corporate clients or wish to move into specialist aviation, maritime or information security, you’ll find what you’re searching for here.

Whether it’s a first-time role or you’re an old hand in the business, we always offer a wide range of security jobs to fit your profile. Whatever your chosen security career path, you’ll find the companies you want to work for are advertising here.

So if you’re a SIA licensed close protection officer, door supervisor, security guard or CCTV operator, IT security expert, operations manager, systems engineer, security sales consultant, locksmith or virtually any kind of specialist security professional, you’ve certainly come to the right place.


Looking for a new career in the security industry? JobSecurity is the specialist job site that will help you find it.

We bring jobseekers and employers together, to make finding a security industry job easier than ever before.

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Identifying Growth Markets In UK Security Exports

The British security industry has an excellent reputation around the world, and we are justly renowned for our innovation and expertise in this sector. Despite this, you may be surprised to hear that UK security exports only make up for about 4% of the total worldwide security exports market. So how can we increase exports […] Read more »

Bringing Biometric Palm Vein Scanners Into The Mainstream

Biometric security recognition was once the stuff of the movies, but is now becoming much more widespread. Biometric passports are now a standard option for new UK passports, and physical devices like fingerprint readers and retina scanners – while not a day-to-day sight – are becoming increasingly used in high-security settings. One of the reasons […] Read more »

US Leads The Way In Female Cyber Security Recruitment

By now anyone with an interest in the security industry will know there’s a skills gap in cyber security.  Here at JobSecurity we’ve certainly blogged about it several times. And we have also examined how one way we can help plug this shortfall is by addressing the issue of female cyber security recruitment  as well […] Read more »

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